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Category: <span>We Serve</span>

“We Serve” Feature: A Year of Giving by the Numbers


December 21, 2022

As 2022 comes to a close and we look back on the previous year, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride for how immersed our team got in charities this year.

“We Serve” Feature: Unifying the Team to Volunteer for United Way


November 9, 2022

We love when our team is able to combine their time and effort, which was the case recently when Rae Hernandez, Chelsea Kavanagh, and Jessica Westling volunteered with the United Way.

“We Serve” Feature: Helping Out Our Furry Friends


October 31, 2022

It is especially fun when we can support our communities and all its residents—including those that may be furry!

“We Serve” Feature: K9s for Warriors


October 12, 2022

There is no more admirable cause to fulfill that mission than the one our Learning Resource Creator, Leigh Patton-Collett, took up recently.

“We Serve” Feature: Extending Good Will with Goodwill


September 12, 2022

Recently we also had the opportunity to expand our knowledge and understanding about one of the most known volunteer organizations out there: Goodwill.

“We Serve” Feature: Volunteerism and the American Red Cross Disaster Services


August 17, 2022

Our Learning Resource Coordinator, Leigh Patton-Collett, has been committed to this mission for years through the American Red Cross.

“We Serve” Feature: Supporting Children with Lowcountry Orphan Relief


July 14, 2022

We especially love when we can pursue this mission as a team, which is something we got to do recently with Lowcountry Orphan Relief (LOR).

“We Serve” Feature: Volunteering with Woman Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE)


June 9, 2022

Nowhere is this support needed more than in those spaces and relationships where healthy boundaries and conflict have been violated.

“We Serve” Feature: Buffalo’s Resource Council Center


June 7, 2022

This calling became very personal after several of our team members in the Buffalo, New York area had their community rocked by gun violence.

“We Serve” Feature: A Special Experience with the Special Olympics


June 1, 2022

We’re proud to have staff like Rae Hernandez, our Sales Support team member, who recently shared how she steps up to volunteer with the Special Olympics.