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This is
Not Your Average

Locums Tenens

How the Concierge Locums Lifestyle

Works For You

How would it feel to have someone in your corner who takes care of all the day-to-day tasks your career needs? Executives have personal assistants. Lawyers have legal assistants. And technology allows for anyone to hire a virtual assistant or even someone to stand in line for you.

Floyd Lee Locums takes care of you

(and the details)

One of the challenges of being a locum tenens provider is having to do all the busy work yourself. Filling out repetitive forms, optimizing your CV for each role, tracking licensure requirements, and constantly having to search for your next placement takes time and energy away from what you should be doing: taking care of patients and yourself.

It’s time for that to CHANGE.

Floyd Lee Locums has a straight-forward process, so you get your time (and life) back:


We Listen

to your individual needs and goals


We Get to Work

prepping you for interviews, credentialing, negotiating terms, and more


We Get You There

we arrange all travel, emergencies, and lodging


We Stay Connected

for any needs you have while on assignment…all while staying alert for your next role, if desired

Isn’t it time someone took care of you?

Our Method

The Concierge Approach to Locum Tenens Placement

Floyd Lee Locums offers a refined approach to support you and your goals. We operate through a lens that sets you up with exquisite care and deep satisfaction with your career.


Uncovering your deep needs.

We get to know your unique requirements, personality, and skills to ensure we're finding complementary roles for you and your career.


Curtailing busy work.

We get to know your unique requirements, personality, and skills to ensure we're finding complementary roles for you and your career.


Serving as your concierge.

Whether you’re on duty or enjoying personal time, when you’re on an assignment we handle as many personal details for you as possible. From booking tickets to a show to curating a list of pet sitters, we’re here for you.

The Details

If You Want Them

Our concierge consultants are experts in your specialty and are dedicated to uncovering aligned opportunities that best fit your needs and specifications. Often this can mean finding and vetting a locum tenens assignment that isn’t already on our radar.

We’re not just another healthcare staffing agency, we’re career-matchmakers. That means we form bonds with clinicians and facilities to find compatible matches for a seamless experience.

Connect with a consultant

We’ll partner you up with a consultant in your specialty who will get to know you, your goals, and your needs.

Find Your Right Match

Your consultant will present locums jobs that match your qualifications, desires, and specific requirements and help optimize your CV and apply for the roles you select.

Submit Required Documents

Our concierge credentialing team will verify your professional education, training, job history, and licenses or certifications and have forms pre-filled and ready-to-go.

Job Selection

We’ll prep you for your presentation or interview, negotiate contracts and pay on your behalf, and handle job offers, acceptance, and confirmation.

My recruiter has taken care of my questions/concerns from introduction to extending my contract. He checks in on me periodically and has my back on all communication between the agency and my assignment.

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