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Join Us For a New Era in Locum Tenens Staffing

We are a modern locum tenens staffing firm built for the needs of today while anticipating the demands of tomorrow—so we can continuously serve you without disruption.

As change-makers in locum tenens staffing, we intimately understand that each client and facility is unique in their culture, needs, process, and budget. But most locum tenens companies only solve for the short-term need, leaving you with physicians still experiencing burn-out, budgets out of line with revenue, and staffing plans that can’t be implemented.

So, we set out to do things differently. We created a company built on concierge service and tailored solutions that actually improves staff satisfaction, physician recruitment, patient ratings, and the budget numbers you look at every day.

Will you join us?

What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

We Are Your Locum Tenens Team

In as little as a week based on your credentialing guidelines, you can have a locum tenens provider at your doorstep, ready to work and meticulously vetted. But how does that happen? And how much do you need to be involved to get there?

At Floyd Lee Locums, you’ll find we take as much off your plate as we possibly can.

Here’s How It Works:


We Discover Your Unique Needs

We learn about your facility’s culture, unique needs, budget, expectations, and “nice to haves” list (because we want to go beyond just “needs”). Our goal is to understand the complexity of your situation so we can find a few select providers for you to consider.


We Present You With a Curated List

We possess a unique advantage – an in-depth understanding of what makes exceptional candidates who fit seamlessly into your facility. Each of our Concierge Consultants excels in identifying the right match for you so you have a short list of industry stars to select from.


We Handle All Licensing and Credentialing

Our concierge credentialing team verifies professional education, training, job history, background checks, and licenses or certifications. We follow your protocols for credentialing and ensure everything is accurate and complete when submitted to you.


We Facilitate Contract Negotiations and Confirmation

We serve as a liaison between you and the candidate to ensure the contract includes the specifics to your facility and situation and stays in your budget.


We Book All Travel and Lodging

We arrange all travel and accommodations for your new provider so all you have to do is welcome them with a handshake and a smile.


Continued Concierge Support

During the provider’s assignment, our concierge team is ready to help you with any situation that may arise. From extending the contract to facilitating risk management, we are here to help ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

Let’s Talk.

Powerful relationships are built on powerful conversation.