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Who We Are

We value service to others and to each other



To relentlessly pursue locum tenens partnerships between healthcare providers and facilities — ones that are highly personalized, mutually beneficial, and positively impact both patient outcomes and the communities we serve.



Floyd Lee Locums exists to deliver world class concierge service, fulfilling our highest mission of being an unwavering partner in healthcare staffing.


Core Values

Create Tailored Experiences
Healthcare staffing isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we’re passionate about building singular relationships between providers and healthcare facilities.
Be The Best Partner Possible
We’re your advocate. We bring together veterans of the locum tenens industry who understand your unique challenges, individual needs, and commitment to excellence.
Serve The Greater Good
Caring for others is extraordinary. And we take our part in supporting that mission seriously by humbly serving the people and facilities who change lives daily.

Because it's


We talk internally about how our work matters - impacting clinicians every day, helping them choose to practice medicine on their terms and celebrating locums as their work style of choice. It is the essence of what we do. Our teammates show up every day knowing this is personal to each of us and the individuals they support. It is up to each of us to bring our very best and match the commitment our clinicians bring every day to their patients.

We will always respond when we are needed with grace, empathy, and gratitude. We do this through serving each other and knowing this personal choice to sign on and show up every day with a passion to make healthcare better. It burns strong and bright in each of us.



We believe in empowering employees through a holistic approach around their professional and personal lives. We believe in valuing time with family and friends while pursuing personal interests. We Sustain is our program to ensure team members strive for work-life balance and self-care prioritization through traditional employee benefits and non-traditional perks. We invest heavily in tools and resources to support our employees in finding ways to balance work and personal life while advocating for self care and mental health. We also value professional development, including conference attendance, training that fuels professional goals, and our annual company retreat. We want everyone on our team to be able to enjoy time with family and friends — and be healthy doing it. We Sustain is our program to ensure every team member has the work/life balance they deserve.



We Serve is our corporate volunteer program born from our desire to be a service-oriented organization. Our employees have a strong desire to serve their local communities. Our remote team of employees is spread across the U.S., and each of their communities have unique needs. To support our team and the communities they live in, we provide paid time each month for them to volunteer however they choose – with no restrictions. We believe service is from the heart and that it shouldn’t be dictated by company rules. We love seeing our folks serve together and even including their families.

Healthcare Plus Solutions Group


As Floyd Lee Locums navigated out of our start-up phase, through the pandemic, and established itself as an industry thought leader, we wanted to accompany our success with strategic planning, investments in technology, and best practices for business expansion. We partnered with Healthcare Plus Solutions Group (HPSG), a healthcare coaching company specializing in leader training and development, to codify our company’s cultural practices, fortify our leadership team, and further strengthen our concierge service at scale. This has allowed us to set forth our vision for the future. These initiatives are now interwoven throughout our company, and we look forward to creating further impact with HPSG as we move forward in our organization and in our national healthcare space.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

At Floyd Lee Locums, we believe diversity, equity, inclusion, and feelings of belonging flourish when our staff are given the space to thrive. We are committed to using our actions, voices, and resources to create measurable change that impacts our organization, communities, and future generations. That’s why we’ve invested heavily as an organization in being an advocate for DEI both within and outside our walls.

Part of creating change in healthcare is acknowledging and actively participating in solving the inequities that exist for people of color. That’s why we partnered with HUED to offer their ground-breaking training to our locum tenens clinicians. HUED is a digital health equity company creating equitable and inclusive healthcare experiences for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. They offer physician-led content and courses that train clinicians on anti-racism, identifying health conditions that are largely missed in patients of color, and how to provide culturally sensitive and humble care. We are proud to collaborate and help advance their mission.

DEI&B are the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we build our teams, cultivate our employees, and create a company that’s the right fit for every person inside of it. We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. We’ve built a culture where differences are valued and accepted. It’s why we took the time and resources to become DEI Workplace™ Certified by Diversity for Social Impact. We don’t just check a box. We live by these principles every day.

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