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Giving Back


Service is what drives us.

As an organization that partners with locum tenens clinicians and facilities to solve healthcare demands, we have a core belief in serving those who serve others. And that mission of service extends far beyond our company walls.

From a corporate volunteer program to supporting military spouses, we have dedicated ourselves and our company to serving our local communities and in the greater healthcare community as a whole. It’s so important to us, it’s in our organizational goals.

We don’t just say we do it -

We Ensure We Do.

You Are Our




Locums Tenens

Military Support

Along with supporting military families at home and abroad, we believe in lifting up veterans when they rejoin civilian life. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) often conducts medical exams (MDEs) to determine a veterans’ eligibility for disability compensation. Hundreds of thousands of MDEs are conducted each year and are used by the VA to evaluate transitioning military members’ service-related disability claims. We work with the Department to provide clinicians who conduct these exams, ensuring they are performed accurately and swiftly.

Tribal Health

We formed a ground-breaking partnership with a Tribal Nation to support their emergency, family, and wellness programs. Assisting tribal nations offers a special opportunity for locum tenens physicians, but not everyone is the right fit. Physicians and advanced practice providers must adhere to cultural practices of medicine and respect customs, even if they diverge from their training or traditional medicine. Floyd Lee is proud of this partnership and is working to partner with other Tribal Nations soon.

Humanitarian Aid

Floyd Lee Locums has partnered with numerous organizations who provide aid in times of humanitarian crises. We've led a large-scale in-take of Afghanistan evacuees at four military bases as part of Operation Allies Welcome and filled urgent needs within 72 hours during the COVID-19 pandemic. We take pride in specializing in the placement of clinicians who thrive in unique circumstances. We are proud to be among those staffing firms trusted by hospital, government, and humanitarian organizations to provide clinicians during critical shortages.

We Serve

Each of our employees understands that when you work for Floyd Lee Locums, you are part of a mission to improve our communities. To support our team in their desire to serve, we provide paid time each year for them to volunteer in their local communities with no restrictions for how they choose to do so. Since beginning the initiative in 2022, our employees have volunteered at 103 organizations across the U.S.

We Sustain

We aren’t anything if we aren’t all-in for our employees' health and well-being. We Sustain is our program that ensures employees have the work/life harmony and mental health support they deserve. The program offers employees and their families 24/7 access to an independent chaplain to be used for any reason, five paid mental health days per year, weekly yoga Zoom sessions, early off Fridays, and more. We aim to promote benefits and boundaries so our team can prioritize their health and wellness, emotional hygiene, and personal relationships.


While we support volunteerism in every shape and size, we are driven to see our healthcare community thrive. We love hearing how our locum tenens physicians, advanced practice providers, partners, and employees are motivated for their work. Whether it’s due to a childhood experience or a “higher calling”, what motivates them inspires us.

We collect these stories and share them year-round with our audience (follow us on social!) to galvanize people into action in their own communities.

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