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We are Not Your Average
Locum Tenens Agency

Locum tenens can be a


for your facility.

But some locum tenens agencies are better than others at prioritizing your facility's goals and budget.

At Floyd Lee Locums, our mission is to humbly serve the people in healthcare who change lives daily. You deserve the best clinicians possible and service that allows you to concentrate on the real work you need to do.

  • Hidden fees and unclear rate sheets
  • High fees and sub-par service
  • Standard packages no matter what you actually need
  • Delayed or untimely responses
  • Send clinicians who don’t fit in well or don’t fill the specialized gaps that are needed
  • Locums is a cost center you have to justify
Floyd Lee Locums
  • No surprise fees, a transparent structure, and clear invoices
  • Significantly lower fees AND a concierge approach
  • Tailored invoicing to your facility’s needs and within the budget you have
  • One point of contact who takes the time for you, no matter what you need
  • Intimate process to match you with aligned doctors, advanced practice providers, and clinicians with the right skills who thrive in unique conditions
  • Locums is a profit center you are proud to integrate into your staffing plan

What Our Concierge Approach Looks Like

  • Staffing for all physician specialties and advanced practice providers
  • A single point of contact to manage all your searches and placements who communicates at your preferred speed and cadence
  • Transparent pricing and timely invoicing with no surprise fees, ever
  • Prioritized searches and first submissions in 24-48 hours
  • Quick and efficient credentialing customized to your process
  • A concierge team available 24/7/365 to manage provider needs while they’re on assignment
  • Risk management department that serves our clients and providers should the need arise
  • Concierge travel team that arranges all transportation and lodging, so your provider arrives on time and refreshed
  • 24-hour emergency support for our providers if any travel hiccups occur
  • In-house licensing team who helps providers obtain new state licenses, so they’re ready-to-go when you need them

Who We Work With

Private Practices
Physician Groups
Outpatient Facilities
Government Agencies
Tribal Nations
Urgent Care Centers
And More!

Specialties We Serve

All Physician Specialties

Nurse Practitioners

Physician Assistants

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Our Recent



Physicians placed to support Afghan Refugees for more than nine months


NPs placed in a hospital in New York and on shift within 72 hours


Hospitalists and Pulmonary CCs placed in Pennsylvania in less than two weeks


NPs placed in a Missouri hospital caring for patients in 14 days


Hospitalists and PAs placed in NYC on-the-ground in two weeks


RRTs providing COVID relief in Atlanta within 72 hours

Locum Tenens

Your Way

A Single Point of Contact

When you need help, you shouldn’t have to wait. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 support with expedited response times. We’ll provide a single point-of-contact who understands your specific needs and goals.

Budget Conscious

We always provide transparent pricing within your budget. We offer solutions to support hospital revenue continuation with timely billing and invoicing with 100% accuracy (HMFA member).

Creative Solutions

Many locums partners make you work within their framework. At Floyd Lee Locums, the opposite is true. We act as a consultative partner focused on solving the issues your facility faces as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Prioritized Searches

Our team will partner with you to get your requisitions filled faster with typical submission in 24-48 hours. We can tailor solutions specifically for you and be agile with your requirements.

Expedited Credentialing

We offer timely and efficient licensing and credentialing in compliance with NAMSS standards. Many of our clinicians are credentialed within two weeks.

Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response Team can triage immediate staffing needs for critical gaps whether it’s for world humanitarian aid, a local emergency, or seasonal spikes.

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Make Your Budget Happy

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