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Locums Journey

Experience Locum Tenens the Way It Was Meant to Be

We Are the Original Concierge
Locum Tenens Agency

Concierge, guide, staff, co-pilot - whatever you call us, the result is what matters. When you work with Floyd Lee Locums:

  • 1

    Every opportunity will fulfill your “nice-to-have” list because we want more for you than the minimum.

  • 2

    You’ll hit your financial goals faster because we advocate for (and get) the highest possible rate.

  • 3

    You’ll feel confident, secure, and in control of your future.

  • 4

    We facilitate your next role so there’s no downtime between assignments (unless you want it!)

  • 5

    Free time will truly be free. We handle everything from pre-filling your forms to selecting and shipping a birthday gift to your spouse.

  • 6

    You’ll feel like you have a staff instead of being on your own.

We set a new standard of excellence when we launched Floyd Lee Locums in 2017. It means we put purpose-driven locum tenens first and we provide exquisite care to you, our clinician, every single day.

If it’s not concierge, it’s not us.

A Culture Of Service

“Serving those who serve others” isn’t just an internal motto, it’s the legacy that’s stamped into everything we do at Floyd Lee Locums.

Taking care of others for a living is hard. But our physicians and advanced practice providers do it every day no matter the challenge—staffing shortages, pandemics, organizational upheavals, and their own personal life.

Navigating all of these challenges often leads to stressed-out clinicians and staff who feel like no one is listening.

Floyd Lee Locums was born out of a desire to provide best-in-class service and support to clinicians so they could focus on patient care and meet their own personal and professional goals.

We also help hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide navigate vacancies with the right locum tenens provider at the right time. It’s not about filling spots for us—it’s about providing the best clinician possible that matches the need.

Because when everyone is taken care of, you can treat your patients like people, not data.

Why We Serve

Physicians deserve a clean bill of health, too.

We Make Locums easy

It’s Personal

We don’t work in jobs. We work in passion.

Better Offers

Our expertise means we negotiate the best terms possible on your behalf.

Your Team

Specialty-specific concierge and world-class support staff who advocate for you.


The feeling that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Specialties We Serve

We serve more than 50 specialties across the United States from Allergy to Vascular Surgery.

At Floyd Lee Locums, you’ll have a specialty-specific Concierge Healthcare Consultant who will help you navigate applications, travel, credentialing, negotiations, and more. Whatever the specialty, we can serve you.

Couldn’t be more satisfied with the open communication and attention to every detail.

Get Award-Winning Concierge Support

Preserving the Tradition of

Charleston Hospitality

What’s your favorite thing about New York City? The array of food, the shows, the landmarks? And what’s your favorite thing about small-town America? We bet it’s how welcomed you feel. That indelible sense of belonging that makes you want to go back for more – it’s the people.

Floyd Lee Locums was founded in Charleston, SC – a city renowned for its unique charm and infectious personality.

And just as Charleston locals open their homes and hearts to visitors, we extend a personalized and attentive touch to our clinicians, clients, and partners. With a firm belief in going the extra mile (or three), we ensure every interaction we have is marked by genuine care and a sincere desire to meet your needs.

It’s this fusion of professional excellence and hospitality that sets such a remarkable precedent in healthcare. And we believe it’s the way healthcare was meant to be. If you let us, Floyd Lee Locums will greet you over and over again with the enduring power of Charleston charm.

Fountain Marina

We Are All-In.

Are You?