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Our Team

We genuinely love where we work.

When you choose to work with us, you choose to work with these industry stars.

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Floyd Lee Locums exists to deliver world-class concierge service, fulfilling our highest mission of being an unwavering partner in healthcare staffing.

We take care of our providers at every step of the process, and it's genuine.

Floyd Lee Locums


We're a hardworking team of thinkers and achievers. We have a passion to humbly serve the people in healthcare who change lives daily, what about you?

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A member of our Talent Development team is a Six Sigma Green Belt who trained with an amazing team of General Electric employees (former GE CEO Jack Welch was known as the Father of Six Sigma). She’s also the US Women's National Soccer Team #1 fan and will not leave the house if there is a game on.

A member of our Marketing team is a published author of three dad joke books and he creates food preparation content and comedy videos on social media to entertain and educate a growing community of busy parents (and everyone else) on how to make cooking easy and fun.

In our Recruitment department is a philanthropic warrior who has helped raise over $500,000 for local fundraisers using grassroots efforts, word of mouth, and the generosity of her Flagstaff, AZ community. Her two youngest brothers are Olympic hopefuls for kayaking who are on the USA National Kayak team.

A Business Development team member has loved school from an early age, winning 1st Place in the "Battle of the Books" in 5th grade, and more recently the "Business Student of the Year" award at her Community College. She later graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Academic Achievement Award from the University of Arizona.

On our Training team is a twin with 21 nieces and nephews, and she recently earned an Amateur Radio license from the FCC. She meets regularly with other ham radio operators to practice skills and techniques so they can support their community with earthquake emergency preparedness.

Summiting a mountain mirrors the path to a goal-oriented life for this member of our Client Services team. Beginning at a serene trailhead, he persists one step at a time on his way to a peak at 12,000 feet. He sees it as a triumph that parallels life's journey, training both mind and body for success in any pursuit. He’s parlayed that love of climbing into creating FitFLL,our internal wellness challenge program!

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