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Locum Tenens

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The Strategic Advantages of Locums Tenens

Flexibility is the hallmark of locum tenens staffing. Facilities can strategically use locum tenens physicians and advanced practice providers on a regular basis or for critical needs. This allows facilities to avoid permanent hiring commitments, release underperformers, and explore a “try before you buy” approach. Using locum tenens staffing for clinical needs at key points can relieve physician stress, create room in your staffing schedule, and save costs related to overtime or keeping unaligned providers on staff.

When you partner with us, we provide up-front price sheets with zero hidden fees. We’ll even analyze your budget with you to ensure we can provide a return on investment you’ll be proud to show off at your next budget meeting.

Impact More Lives

Locum tenens is one of the fastest-growing sectors in healthcare. It’s a crucial role for many facilities ranging from staffing rural and underserved communities to covering a physician on parental leave.

And for locum tenens physicians and advanced practice providers, it allows greater control over their work/life balance, increased time with patients, and the ability to add skills to their CVs.

For these reasons (and more), locum tenens can completely change the culture and satisfaction of your facility for staff and patients when you use it as part of your staffing schedule.


Locum Tenens


Locum Tenens

Burned-out physicians

  • Everyone has predictable schedules with ample time off
  • Improved morale
  • High retention
  • Increased patient time

Reduced hours or

  • Expanded access
  • Increase in specialties offered
  • Decreased wait times
  • Ability to stay open while provider is on leave

Experience budget

  • Proactive scheduling that decreases overtime
  • Clear and transparent billing that saves time
  • Try out a provider before hiring full-time
  • Increased revenue due to higher levels of service

Trouble recruiting

  • Backup physicians provide coverage for permanent staff
  • Consistent flow of vetted providers during hiring process
  • Staff feel supported and valued
  • Attract quality permanent candidates


Your Staffing Plan

We know that every facility and every need is unique. That’s why you won’t find a cookie-cutter approach to staffing your facility with Floyd Lee Locums. Instead, we spend time listening to you, analyzing your staffing plan, and understanding your culture. We want to deliver a provider who will make you wonder why you haven’t partnered with us for staffing needs before.

Move from reactive mode to proactive mode with Floyd Lee Locums.