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Highlighting Your Stories: Celebrating National Locum Tenens Week

Gratitude and celebration are two common themes each year for National Locum Tenens Week. It’s a week to reflect, share, and show our appreciation for you—our clinicians around the world. You are setting a new norm for patient care, one with reduced physician burnout, fully staffed facilities in rural areas, and underserved communities receiving exceptional medical care. And you’re setting a new norm for yourself, too…one that practices medicine on your terms and for your desired lifestyle.  


Despite the wondrous benefits of locum tenens for clinicians, facilities, and patients (let’s face it—everyone), it sometimes gets concealed by burnout and stress. It’s difficult to find time or energy to explore or research a different career path when you’re so overwhelmed. Even if you’re aware of locum tenens (and most are not), it lands on the backburner after “manage financial commitments” or “spend time with my kids”. It’s frustrating when the very thing you’re putting on the backburner is what could solve the stuff you’re so stressed about.   

At Floyd Lee Locums, we are passionate about sharing the locum tenens lifestyle and our concierge approach to supporting our physicians and clinicians. We make it easy to say, “YES!” to locum tenens because we take the time to truly understand a clinician’s motives, goals, and challenges. We don’t require hours of filling out endless blank forms (we do that), figure out cross-state licensing (we do that!), or search for an opportunity (guess what – we do that!).   


To raise awareness of locum tenens as a career, we are embarking on a new initiative called LocuMotives, a series of stories about the motivations of those striving to improve healthcare through a locum tenens career. We’ll share anecdotes from experiences working in the locums field to showcase the positive benefits of choosing a locums life.   

LocuMotives is an opportunity for all of us to share the role locums has played in your life and the people you care for. Because the best way to hear about its influence is directly from the clinicians and facilities who experience it every day.  

Have you created a new schedule that lets you spend more time with your family? Or do you get to spend more time-solving patient illnesses that lead to a better quality of life? Or maybe you get to travel more and experience new adventures?  

Whatever your motivation, we want to celebrate it and share it. If you have a story that we could feature for LocuMotives, submit it here and we’ll be in contact with you soon.  


We believe it’s our purpose to disrupt the norms of today’s healthcare staffing to find a better way forward…a future for clinicians who can manage their financial commitments, enjoy leisure time, even pursue hobbies and feel like they’re making an impact instead of rushing from room to room. A future where facilities have the qualified staff they need for their community, and there is less scrambling to meet patient needs. It’s a future where a community hears, “What else can I help you with today? I have the time.”  

Your stories are what powers industry change.   

We proudly stand by your side as you answer the call and jump into action where and when it’s needed the most. We are honored to play a role in the impact you are having each and every day.  

Thank you for letting us be a part of your locums journey and for allowing us to share your experiences with the industry. Your work matters, and our partnership is built upon that shared purpose. Let’s forge our new future together.