Discover Tailored Locum Tenens

When you’re considering a new opportunity, our focus is on finding the right fit.


While Floyd Lee Locums helps in your search, our Concierge Consultants also dig into all the other details so you don’t have to.

From giving you application advantages to getting you situated in a new city, we offer a wide variety of services to set you up for success.

Your Concierge Consultant

is with you every step

of the way.


Even for the most organized, applications and credentialing can be a head-scratcher. We can complete your application, call your references and request any transcripts or license verification in a snap. All we need is your CV and references—then we’ll call you to verify the information.


Imagine getting to your assignment and your new apartment is stocked with groceries, the utilities are on and there’s a list of nearby restaurants, stores and hot spots waiting for you. Floyd Lee Locums sets everything up—billed directly to us—so you can settle in with ease.


For us, personalization is a specialty. We can help you arrange a getaway or mini-vacation, book tickets to a show in town, or make dinner reservations in your new city or back home when you’re between shifts. Have a special day coming up? We’re also great at picking out birthday and anniversary gifts.


In a perfect world, all travel and accommodations would be smooth. When it’s not, we’re here 24/7 to find a solution. Call us for anything—from roadside assistance to delayed flights, last-minute hotel bookings to losing a credit card and needing emergency cash. We’re in this with you.


When you take a locums position, you also need to consider how it will impact your health and financial benefits. For healthcare needs, we connect you with skilled insurance brokers who can find you coverage and evaluate different plans. In addition, we have legal, tax and financial professionals to help you navigate both simple and complex planning concerns.


Enjoy getting involved in your community? Does a family member have a passion they want to continue in your new locale? We can connect you with church groups, gyms and athletic teams, and more after a move. We’ve even booked fishing boats for clinicians looking to grab some R&R on a day off.

Ready to start enjoying the concierge experience?

Get the personalized locum tenens treatment when your partner with Floyd Lee Locums.