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Why I Work Locums

A Q&A with Locums Physician Justin Moore, MD

When Floyd Lee Locums works with physicians and providers to place them around the country, we always ask, “What can we do to make your experience excellent?” Candidly, the answers always vary. So, we went right to the source and sat down with Dr. Justin Moore, who is a 12-year veteran of locum tenens and double board-certified in Internal Medicine and Critical Care. He shared the reasons he chooses to work locums and his must-have-support for any role he accepts.

Is there a stigma in the medical field when you work locums?

No, not at all. In fact, you’re seeing a shift in the mentality of doctors towards this way of practicing medicine because they have exposure to those working locums and see the benefits up close.

Why can locums be a preferred way of practicing for physicians?

The aspect I enjoy is getting to do what I’m trained to do without the bureaucracy that can exist occasionally in healthcare systems. I get to go new places, experience new facilities, and meet new people.

How has a recruiter empowered your locums experience?

When you have a positive relationship with your recruiter, you feel taken care of. Having a call on the first day of your assignment…them taking that extra step to know about you and your life—it makes a world of difference to your placement experience.

What are some ways your Floyd Lee Locums recruiter has supported you?

Listening matters. He has been there to let me vent. Obviously, you can’t hold the syringe for me. But being there and checking up is the biggest part. I’m in a place where I don’t know anybody. So, it’s great to have someone who checks up on me.

What does a bad locums experience feel like?

When companies treat you like a number. When I can’t get ahold of my placement company, that’s the worst. It’s not always about the compensation. I’d rather take less money and have someone treat me like we’re in a partnership. If I succeed, you succeed.

Does the size of a locums agency matter to you?

When you work locums, you eventually know every agency. If you go with someone smaller, you tend to make a little more, compensation-wise. Very large companies, on the other hand, have a lot of jobs and options for your career. It matters what you’re looking for. I look for a partner in my career, which is why I choose Floyd Lee Locums.

What matters to you most when deciding to pursue a locums assignment?

Specificity. If you’re calling me and are just trying to make a connection with a potential doctor for your roster, it can feel like time wasted. I don’t want you to go see what assignments you have that COULD BE good for me—I want to know what assignment you already have, what it pays, and where it is. Specificity matters.

If you’re a physician or advanced practice provider looking to expand your career options, we invite you to connect with us. Concierge Consultants are available 24/7 at 843.900.4185 or by emailing us at to answer any and all of your questions!

About Floyd Lee Locums

Floyd Lee Locums provides an elite concierge experience to physicians and advanced practice healthcare clinicians in hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide. Founded by industry veterans Matt Floyd and Natasha Lee, the company has built an exceptional team of experienced locums and healthcare staffing professionals.

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