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Think Fast! A Lesson in Concierge Locum Tenens

Remember your schoolyard days when someone would say, “Think fast”? Older siblings and gym class giants handed this phrase out with dodge balls attached; teachers liked to present it in the form of pop quizzes. Nowadays, though, obstacles in life aren’t as simple as ducking an 8.5-inch red ball or knowing the capital of Vermont (it’s Montpelier, by the way).

As we face the real world, “Think fast” can have substantial implications. This was the case recently when a Pennsylvania client came to Floyd Lee Locums in desperate need of a pediatrician. The only problem: They needed the physician in six weeks, or they would have to begin turning patients away.

Floyd Lee Locums took stock. We didn’t have a PA-licensed physician with full-time ongoing availability. But our concierge philosophy is an unrelenting commitment to serve those who serve others. So we went to work—it was time to think fast.

The first step was finding the right fit. After some digging, we discovered one of our locums clinicians, Dr. Barbie, was looking for a new engagement and open to the east coast. Step two? Getting her credentialed and licensed within the timeframe.

“This is my first time working locums so I didn’t know what to expect.” said Dr. Barbie. “My consultant Kerry guided me through the process, checking in with me several times a day to help me get things done. The process can seem redundant and overwhelming, but Emily, my licensing consultant was on top of everything. They are navigating the rough waters on your behalf so you can start your new job as quickly and prepared as possible.”

Good conditions also came into play. Floyd Lee Locums has an expert licensing specialist who was able to prioritize this with licensing boards—and Dr. Barbie had clean malpractice records and no previous licensing issues.

When all was said and done, “Think fast” for us turned out to be 28 days. From submittal to approval, Floyd Lee Locums was able to beat the client deadline by two weeks and get the physician to the engagement on time. Why? Because we had prepared for this. It’s our concierge locum tenens philosophy.

When we had to “Think fast”, we were prepared. Our business foundation was built on being an unwavering partner to our clients. We had locums veterans who knew the industry inside and out. And we were invested in the outcome: a community of patients receiving care.

Dr. Barbie is working in a facility she loves, and the client has extended her contract through at least next summer. She has allowed this wonderful facility to keep their doors open, serving families and expectant parents with ease.

In essence, when the metaphorical red ball came flying at us—and we heard “Think fast”—we could meet the call. Because we had been in our proverbial gym for years doing preparing for just this moment.