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Changing Perceptions About Locum Tenens Work

When Floyd Lee Locums started in 2017, part of our mission was the dispel myths and change negative perceptions of locum tenens work. One of the most popular—and disheartening—impressions of locums is that it is not transparent. Often, the physicians and advanced practice providers we work with come to us with preconceived notions we’ll be hiding information or stringing them along with limited information about available assignments.

Unfortunately, experiences like this aren’t uncommon. In fact, physicians like Dr. Edmond Nelson was one such example of a doctor who had worked in locum tenens, but had uneven experiences with the locums firms that were placing him.

“I have been doing locums work since 2017,” said Dr. Nelson. “But, in just six months, I’ve been so impressed with Floyd Lee Locums, I’ve decided to work with them exclusively. The reason being? Their transparency in everything they do.”

The power of transparency can’t be understated. In a healthcare industry so complex—and care standards changing so quickly—clinicians want to have the information they need to make professional decisions. Not only that, but providing clarity only supports the success of healthcare providers when they are placed in a facility.

“With Floyd Lee Locums, I don’t have to worry about anything,” continued Dr. Nelson. “My questions are always answered upfront. With other companies, I had to dig for information—about roles, pay rates, and more, even after providing my CV to them. With Floyd Lee Locums, that was never the case. They were always straightforward with me.”

That trust only expands the relationship between staffing partner and provider. Dr. Nelson went on to note an experience where he was supposed to fly out on a Sunday, to begin an assignment on a Monday—only to have his flight canceled. He shared how his partner at Floyd Lee Locums gave up their Sunday with their family to ensure he could make it without worry.

“They could have just routed me to the general travel desk number,” said Dr. Nelson. “But, instead, my recruiter spent hours of their Sunday evening, when they could have been having dinner with their family or otherwise, to help me make my way to my assignment on time.”

For physicians like Dr. Nelson and clinicians like him who keep our communities healthy, we owe them nothing less. That’s why, we invite everyone across the care spectrum to lead with transparency—and extend a huge thank you or token of your appreciate to these healthcare heroes.

Celebrate their achievements. Share ways to empower their careers and lives. And make a commitment to impact our industry and discipline in meaningful ways.

For Floyd Lee Locums, we try to do that every day with providers like Dr. Nelson. Because for us, it’s personal.

To celebrate National Locum Tenens Week, Floyd Lee Locums is periodically releasing Locums Week articles dedicated to the changing face of our industry, our love of the locums lifestyle, and the professionals who make it all possible. To read more articles like this, visit our blog.