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Gusto Helps Floyd Lee Locums Scale Its Business

The HR tool has grown with the company from day one

Floyd Lee Locums Team

Originally published by Gusto

When Natasha Lee, CEO and cofounder of Floyd Lee Locums, opened the doors to her startup in 2017, she had a specific vision for her payroll and HR solution. She was looking for an accessible and affordable platform that was easy to use and allowed her to support her employees with scalable, modern technology capable of growing alongside her business.

“As a startup, what I liked about Gusto immediately was the usability, the simplicity, and being a cost-effective payroll solution. This is exactly what we needed from day one,” explained Lee.

It was imperative for her company to use a payroll and HR solution with a strong foundation that could meet the needs of her business over time. Five years later, that requirement remained, especially as the company’s growth showed no signs of slowing. To keep pace, Floyd Lee Locums’ payroll and HR provider had to continue innovating by developing and implementing new product features to support its business expansion.

“What attracted me from the beginning was that Gusto develops and adds new product features that meet the needs of growing businesses like mine,” said Lee. “I was looking for a company that was breaking through old paradigms, especially in the small and mid-sized business marketplace, and was both affordable and easy to use. Gusto was so user-friendly and the most cost-effective solution, especially in comparison to some antiquated players in the space. It’s really nice to see a company with a good foundation continue to evolve the product so it is more thoughtful for the end user. Somehow, Gusto has managed to make payroll software fun!”

With Gusto’s simple, user-friendly payroll and HR solution, Floyd Lee Locums saves about 10 hours a month on administrative tasks, which allows the company’s employees to focus on what matters most: supporting healthcare providers and helping them find the best career options.

As Floyd Lee Locums scaled, the company attracted top talent from across the country to support their remote workforce model. The company was in need of a streamlined onboarding process that was easy to implement remotely, as they increased from headcount tenfold since 2017. Gusto has been pivotal in creating a seamless and reliable experience for its employees onboarding across the country.

The company also saw significant time-savings from Gusto’s easy-to-use onboarding tools. Floyd Lee Locums saw a significant decrease in the time it took new hires to complete onboarding, with 95% of employees being able to start work on time, which is especially important given the company’s remote model.

“You have to provide your employees with a really positive hiring experience from start to finish,” said Lee. “By using Gusto’s onboarding checklist, documents and forms, we’re able to provide our employees with the best tools and resources in the most organized and efficient way, all-in-one place.”

Data allowed the Floyd Lee Locums team to see the full picture with detailed and holistic insights to improve business performance. Gusto’s insights and reporting tool enabled them to build custom reports for understanding their current state, they could also plan ahead while saving time.

“I use Gusto’s insights and reporting tool for pulling data that helps me look at the big picture of how both my employees and business are doing. In the past, I’ve been able to view salary progression and gain helpful insights into overall wages across the company. I can look at our company policies, like paid time off, and see how we can continue to improve on our benefits and internal practices for our employees,” shared Lee.

In the past, pulling this type of data together was impossible due to the lack of systems. With Gusto, Floyd Lee Locums could easily generate reports and export them to share with the team, providing much needed visibility. This has allowed the company to focus time and energy on growing the company rather than guessing.

One of Lee’s favorite things about her experience with Gusto was starting off with payroll in the early stages and growing with Gusto’s expert HR tools. Being able to consolidate, simplify, and organize its HR practice has relieved a lot of stress and saved team time. The company has been able to focus energies on other areas of business and empower employees to do the work they love most. Lee shared, “I love Gusto and I look forward to continuing to scale with the company.”