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Why Permanent Roles Aren’t Always the Solution

Year after year, medical facilities across the country are trying to keep pace with a changing healthcare marketplace, where costs are up and revenues are down. This is becoming increasingly challenging when compounded with rising physician shortages—leading some to wonder if the current care delivery model is still sustainable.

According to AMGA’s 2017 Medical Group Operations and Finance Survey, cost pressures and diminishing operating results were most problematic for healthcare facilities. But possibly more concerning was the trend occurring with permanent physicians. From 2016 to 2017, “The operating loss per physician increased from a loss of 10% of net revenue found in the 2016 survey to a loss of 17.5% of net revenue in the 2017 survey. Total losses per physician during this two-year period went from $95,138 to $140,856 per physician at the median.”

Still, organizations are reticent to move away from permanent positions toward alternative healthcare staffing methods. But there is an option for medical facilities that offers support in a more cost-effective manner. If your bottom line is becoming a challenge, consider these advantages of shifting your approach:

Equal care: In study after study, locum tenens physicians are proven to provide the same or better care than permanent physicians.

Cost-effective: While a locums professional’s hourly rate may be higher than that of a permanent provider, you aren’t paying for benefits, insurance, licensure, etc., offering a huge cost savings.

Business continuity: Even if you don’t see locums as a recruitment solution, locums doctors can ensure continuity in care as you conduct a formal search for the permanent physician of your choice.

Flexibility: Locums firms work with you to negotiate a mutually beneficial placement. This includes what you’re trying to achieve with your budget, your timing, the skills needed, the schedule required, and more.

These are just a few of the perks of working with a locums partner. Most locum firms can explain additional resources they can tailor to your needs—all aimed at supporting your physician staffing goals and positively impacting your bottom line.

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