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“We Serve” Feature: Helping Out Our Furry Friends

As part of Floyd Lee Locums’ volunteerism program, “We Serve,” we encourage employees to partner with people and programs that better the communities we live in. It is especially fun when we can support our communities and all its residents—including those that may be furry! That was the case recently when our Operations Specialist, Torii Davis, worked with the High Country Animal Shelter in Flagstaff, Arizona.

High Country Humane was created to provide high-caliber animal shelter services and help elevate animal welfare throughout northern Arizona. They are on a mission to transform lives by providing exceptional animal care and adoption services, supporting and strengthening the bond between pets and people, and advocating for the well-being of all animals.

Recently, two kittens—Indigo and Scarlett—were found in the frosty Flagstaff weather, hiding under someone’s patio cover. After efforts to find an owner or mother, the kittens were brought into the shelter for immediate foster care.

However, they grew ill in their first foster home and had to come back to the shelter. But, even there, they struggled to thrive—and these 1 lb. beauties needed a new foster family to take them in.

That’s where they met Floyd Lee Locum’s team member Torii and her partner, Krystal. Having been long-time foster parents for High Country Animal Shelter, they were quick to take up the charge and care for these two until they were ready for adoption. Both Indigo and Scarlett would need to double their size and grow older in order to be spayed and eligible for adoption.

But Torii and Krystal were up to the task! The two kittens were picked up that same night and are now in their care and being administered their medications so they can heal and grow stronger for the road ahead. Before long, they’ll be ready to be adopted out together.

But they aren’t the last animals in Flagstaff, or the country, needing support like this. Animal shelters and rescues in the U.S. are overwhelmingly full, which are difficult to maintain and cause stress for sick or injured animals. Without fosters and adopters, these animals’ likelihood of survival can be very low.

If you are open to making an animal’s recovery easier while they wait for their forever home, it’s not difficult to do so. Just type “foster animal [YOUR CITY NAME],” and you’ll be served organizations that need your help. Like Torii and Krystal, you can make a difference!

If you want to learn more about Floyd Lee Locums’ commitment to supporting charitable organizations locally and nationally, visit “We Serve,” our corporate volunteerism page or read more stories on our blog!

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