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“We Serve” Feature: Extending Good Will with Goodwill

As part of Floyd Lee Locums volunteerism program, “We Serve,” we encourage employees to partner with people and programs that better the communities we live in. But, recently, we also had the opportunity to expand our knowledge and understanding about one of the most known volunteer organizations out there: Goodwill.

Nationally, Goodwill has been around since 1902, but their support in Palmetto and South Carolina really ramped up in 1979. Their mission of “helping people help themselves” has been one of the most successful rallying cries in nonprofit work for over a century. It shows!

In our own region, our partnerships and contacts within the Palmetto Goodwill have been invaluable. Through working with people like Reginald Hughes—the Executive Director for this division of Goodwill—we have been about to find multiple ways to volunteer, advocate, and donate.

One of the clearest ‘wins’ for our team was learning more about how Palmetto Goodwill goes beyond the storefront and resale initiatives many of us know them for. In fact, they are a driver of more community engagement and jobs facilitation than even we knew.

From managing commercial initiatives—like staffing kitchens, finding janitorial support, etc.—to working across a variety of Federal programs, Palmetto Goodwill is impacting individuals and communities in real, valuable ways. This interconnected influence and connection through governmental, private, and nonprofit organizations allows those in-need to find several ways to receive support, from finding work, receiving donations, and beyond.

In 2020, the Palmetto Goodwill won a Performance Excellence Award for the contract work mentioned above. By providing their cost-effective solutions to local businesses, they have been able to staff everyone from food service providers to mail room operators, landscaping experts to cleaning technicians.

Over the past year, Floyd Lee Locums has been able to amplify this mission with Palmetto Goodwill. We have had the opportunity to meet with their team, tour their offices, and have executives join our annual Gala to bolster our joint cause.

To that end: If you want to support them, as well, but aren’t sure where to begin, consider starting small. Palmetto Goodwill curates the best of what is donated across the region and has an online auction shopping site with great deals for anyone. Give it a look!

If you want to learn more about Floyd Lee Locums’ commitment to supporting charitable organizations locally and nationally, visit “We Serve,” our corporate volunteerism page or read more stories on our blog!

Learn more about our We Serve program of corporate volunteerism and community engagement.