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“We Serve” Feature: A Year of Giving by the Numbers

As 2022 comes to a close and we look back on the previous year, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride for how immersed our team got in charities this year. “We Serve,” our corporate volunteerism program, allows employees the opportunity to take paid time off to give their time and efforts to a worthwhile cause of their choosing.

With a goal of participating in 12 “We Serve” initiatives in 2022—our team crushed expectations and gave to 220 causes throughout the year. Given the number of employees our growing company has, that means team members participated multiple times throughout the year and over thousands of hours together.

In total, that impact reached 38 organizations served by our activities. To name a few, our team members supported organizations like:

From bringing donations to giving their time—sitting for blood donations to making financial contributions, the Floyd Lee Locum’s team stepped up. We can’t help but shout their praises from the rooftop and cheer on their generous spirits.

If you want to make an impact like our stellar staff, we recommend finding a food bank near you. The holiday season is a difficult time for many families, and food shelves often don’t have enough donations to support the individuals and families needing their help. While food banks can make financial donations go further—they also accept the groceries and canned goods you have available.

With that said, we wish everyone a happy holidays and look forward to seeing what our incredible team is able to achieve with these charities in 2023. Until then, we say “BRAVO!” to them all.

If you want to learn more about Floyd Lee Locums’ commitment to supporting charitable organizations locally and nationally, visit “We Serve,” our corporate volunteerism page or read more stories on our blog!