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Locums: A Career Opportunity for Service Members

Service members never compromise when it comes to commitment. They are always ready to go the extra mile. So, when it is our chance to serve them, we should never hesitate or be less committed.

Qualified and active duty service members of any stripe, as well as their families, deserve support in finding relevant career opportunities. Whether they are looking for short-term, part-time, long-term, or permanent opportunities, they should be assisted every step of the way.

Locum tenens in primary care and other healthcare settings is the perfect opportunity for service members and their spouses—especially if they are locum tenens healthcare providers, where they can be placed in diverse roles, such as nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, physicians, and physician assistants.

Locums for service members and qualified veterans brings a host of advantages that other career models lack. Depending on service status and availability, service members can choose to apply for short-term or long-term roles in healthcare settings. There are times a hospital needs a nurse practitioner or a physician to step in for someone who is unavailable for a definite period due to unavoidable reasons. That is the right opportunity for a locum tenens nurse practitioner or physician who is looking for a short-term role.

Locum tenens in primary care and other healthcare settings can also help service members and their families earn more money than they can through any other opportunity. This potential to supplement income can be the perfect fit for both veterans and active duty service members. This lifestyle also offers the potential for more flexibility in the schedules and ways they work. Locums for service members and their spouses can expedite financial goals, create flexibility with military moves, and keep spousal careers as a priority.

Sound like the right opportunity for you? Get in touch with Floyd Lee Locums to explore placement in a reputable healthcare facility.