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Juneteenth 2022: A Legacy of Progress

As we embark on celebrating the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, we reflect on the progress we have made as a country. Juneteenth is built on a foundation of learning, acceptance, and momentum—and Floyd Lee Locums is proud to share in the growth we’ve made as a nation.

For friends, families, and communities across America, Juneteenth celebrations are bursting with excitement, and there are countless festivities going on. From observances to ceremonies, concerts to jubilees, the holiday is bringing people together in so many different ways to share what the event means to them.

This Juneteenth, we invite everyone to learn a little more about this holiday and participate in ways that feel authentic and exciting to them. If you want some suggestions, you can learn more about the holiday and common celebratory events here. Key among them are joining in-person or online events—and supporting Black-owned businesses on Juneteenth and every day. (Pro Tip: Hungry for the Culture allows you to search most major cities for restaurants and brands of African American companies and entrepreneurs.)

So, whether you’re in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine, we encourage you to share in the spirit of today. Coast-to-coast, North to South, there are events bustling with activity and opportunities to celebrate and honor the holiday.

As for all of us in our headquarters city of Charleston, South Carolina, we’ll have an opportunity once again to join in at the Juneteenth Family Fest on June 18. This will kick off a long weekend of rest for our team as we recognize Monday, June 20 as a company holiday. There and across America, we’ll make our way to a brighter future. We look forward to celebrating Juneteenth in person and in spirit with you all.

Happy Juneteenth everyone!

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