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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

A Culture Built On Understanding And Respect

Every day, the Floyd Lee Locums team is privileged to work with healthcare professionals, facility recruiters, and communities across America—from Portland, Maine to San Diego, California and Bismarck, North Dakota to San Antonio, Texas. In every engagement, interaction, and collaboration, we ask our employees and partners to bring their “whole selves” to the table.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), and Belonging are more than just words for us. They’re the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we build our teams, cultivate our employees, and create a company that’s the right fit for every person inside of it. We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. We’ve built a culture where differences are valued and accepted. We don’t judge, and everyone is welcome here.

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From Our CEO Natasha Lee…

At Floyd Lee Locums, we believe diversity, equity, inclusion, and feelings of belonging flourish when given the space to thrive. That’s why we founded a DEI Council—to ensure our employees, partners, and clients know we stand up for progress. And not just one kind of progress.

From equal opportunity hiring to housing practices, inequities in healthcare or criminal justice, we are committed to using our actions, voices, and resources to create measurable change that impacts our organization, communities, and future generations.

A Place and Space for All

As a company, we understand that diversity can exponentially impact our internal culture and external partnerships. That’s why our DEI Council works to foster a spirit of inclusivity—regardless of race, gender, age, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or disability. This is critical to the soul of our organization and its mission, vision and values.

We believe diversity drives innovation. So, we’re continuing our journey to move forward to become a DEI-certified company, learning how to maximize and celebrate our DEI and Belonging impact. This allows us the opportunity to be recognized as a DEI- and Belonging-focused workplace, continue to build diverse and inclusive teams, and work with experts in the field while we continue to educate ourselves through educational resources.

With this in mind, our DEI Council set forth expectations of both our employees and leadership. These tenets of equity for all are core to who we are and how we aspire to positively impact the healthcare community at large.

Employee Responsibility

  • Every employee is required to operate in a respectful manner, free from antagonism, bullying, or any other behavior that is less than respectful.
  • Respecting the dignity and diversity of all employees is required and, moreover, a desire to review behavior and ensure it is without bias or censure because of unconscious bias.
  • We want to preserve every employee’s dignity and value respect in the workplace as a fundamental value system for how we engage each other, our clients, and our talent.

Leadership Responsibility

  • Ensure a work environment that is free from discrimination, hostility, and/or bullying
  • Ensure a safe, inclusive environment where employees feel valued and validated
  • Ensure all employment decisions are merit-based; free from discrimination
  • Foster a culture of respect where employees are free to share ideas and diverse opinions
  • Address and correct any behavior that does not seem to be appropriate or in line with this policy
  • Role-model and lead by example ways to increase inclusion and collaboration

Want to see the Floyd Lee Locums spirit in action? Visit our blog to read stories from all walks of life. If you’d like to learn more about our advocacy for DEI and

Belonging initiatives, contact [email protected].

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