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Apps to Empower Your Locums Travel

One thing you learn early in a locums career is that travel is usually some component of your work. Because support is most often needed in rural or underserved communities, you may be trekking a little ways away from the place you call home.

For physicians taking up the locum lifestyle, there are resources that can make your journey a lot easier. From hotels to transportation, maps to checklists, here’s a list of apps to help you before, during and after your next locums assignment:

Kayak/Airbnb/Vrbo: There are unlimited options when it comes to booking your stay. But Kayak is typically listed among the highest-ranked hotel booking sites. More of a 1-to-1 lodger? Try out Airbnb or Vrbo where you can interface with homeowners to reserve your stay.

Uber/Lyft/Curb: There are several available ridesharing applications nowadays. However, some cities only license certain providers, so it is a good idea to have a few of these on your smartphone in case one isn’t allowed to operate in the location of your assignment.

Citymapper/Waze: Need to get around your new city? Citymapper connects you with public transit information so you can get from Point A to Point B easily. Driving yourself? Waze is the most current traffic/direction app, with real-time information on traffic/accidents/construction.

Momondo: If your locums assignment is a distance away, try Momondo to search flight options. When judged on cost, times, providers and usability, Momondo scores higher by far than any other flight application.

Tripit/Todoist: Need all of your travel information compiled in one spot or aggregated in a check-list. While there are several options out there, we find the itinerary integration of these two apps is the best—with Tripit able to compile your travel confirmation emails into a schedule just by forwarding emails to the app.

Regardless of where you’re traveling next, Floyd Lee Locums can help you plan for the trip. If you’re interested in learning more about our hospital staffing solutions, contact one of our Concierge Consultants at 843.900.4185 or email