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Torii Davis: An Army Veteran’s Journey

by Slade Wentworth in Career Concierge, Locums Lifestyle, Our Style, Community Impact 25/05/2023

May is Military Appreciation Month, and we want to shine a spotlight on Torii Davis, a valued member of our Operations team and an exceptional Army veteran. Torii’s dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to both her military service and her professional endeavors are inspiring. 

Torii Davis, Army Reservist, featured in our blog post

Rising through the ranks

Torii’s decision to join the military was influenced by her family’s rich military background. While initially hesitant, she recognized the opportunities it could provide for her future. Facing adversity after high school, Torii saw the military as a pathway to education and skill development. In April 2007, just before graduation, she joined the U.S. Army Reserve with the goal of pursuing full-time education.

Her military journey began with basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, where Torii’s determination and passion for excellence quickly became evident. She excelled in her role as a construction equipment mechanic and now holds a total of three Military Occupational Specialties, or MOSs, including her promotion to a military police officer and later earning her role as a Civil Affairs team sergeant. Her drive and tough spirit have propelled her forward, both personally and professionally.

Supporting Torii’s Journey

Floyd Lee Locums is proud of our commitment to supporting our military employees like Torii, and the plan we created with her ensures a smooth transition during her military obligations. “The support I received from my colleagues and the seamless management of my responsibilities was a breath of fresh air,” she said.  Our commitment to her well-being and job security allowed Torii to focus on her military duties, knowing she had a solid support system waiting for her return.

We are also proud to offer benefits like gap pay to our transitioning military employees, including Torii. Recognizing the financial strain service members can experience, we aim to alleviate that burden, as one way to demonstrate our appreciation for their dedication and acknowledge the sacrifices they make.

Going above and beyond

Torii’s reflections on the importance of employer support for veterans truly resonate. She says that while serving in the military, members are not only away from their families and jobs but are also tackling complex and demanding situations. Supporting them during these times goes beyond fulfilling job responsibilities; it reinforces a strong and committed military, essential for the security and well-being of our nation.

We take immense pride in recognizing and appreciating our military personnel. Torii’s experience with us has been a refreshing change—a non-government employer that values and acknowledges her military service. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment, where every employee feels respected and recognized, regardless of their background or role.

“It makes an incredible difference to have an employer that’s excited to support you during that time. I feel supported and truly cared for,” she said. 

Grateful to have her on the team!

We applaud Torii Davis for her remarkable journey as an army veteran. Her resilience, dedication, and exceptional service exemplify the spirit of Military Appreciation Month.

We are grateful for her contribution to our nation and honored to have her as part of our team.