3 Ways to Immediately Increase Your Success as a Locums Clinician


Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

3 Ways to Immediately Increase Your Success as a Locums Clinician

by Kelly Starkey in Career Concierge, Job Market, Our Style, Stats & Research 21/08/2018
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On an average day, we get to talk with a wide range of healthcare professionals. One minute, we’re introducing a new clinician to locum tenens—then the next, we’re explaining the nuances of a contract point with a vet of the locums lifestyle. All of these conversations have the same thing in common: People want to know how they can be the most successful in locums.

While there isn’t a magic recipe for locums success, there are three things we have seen time and time again create better career outcomes. A couple may seem straightforward; yet, they still seem to trip up locums clinicians before they even start the job search:

  1. Underserved can lead to overcompensation. Locums professionals are most needed in rural or “out-of-the-way” communities. That fact is never plastered all over job descriptions because most clinicians want to work in dynamic cities or lively communities. But these underserved communities know they’re less likely to attract as many clinicians—so they’re willing to spend more to bring in top talent. If you’re willing to travel away from home for a while, commute or live the rural lifestyle, you can immediately impact your bottom line.
  2. You’re looking too hard at the local market. In a perfect world, we would all have the right job in the right city for the right pay and the right benefits. But, depending on the previous roles you’ve held, a variety of factors could be limiting you. The most common of these is a “non-compete” clause, which prevents you from practicing for a competitor in your local market. Another can simply be that a healthcare organization previously hired you at a certain rate with benefits, so therefore they would not consider you now as a locums provider at a higher cost. These things considered: The common knowledge is to look outside the healthcare network you’re accustomed to.
  3. Ruling out travel before you know the truth. When an out-of-town position opens, some clinicians start from a place of, “No.” They think, “It would be a hassle; it wouldn’t work for my family; etc. etc.” At the very least, consider the job posting or hear the recruiter out. Most locum assignments cover travel (flights, car rental, mileage), accommodations (hotel, rental), and more. If you want to learn more about these benefits—or the myths associated with them—our blog has several articles addressing how locums can be a great way to enjoy a concierge experience.

When you consider all of these points, you may see a through line: To one extent or another, they all involve some form of travel. That’s because locums success—by its very nature—requires clinicians to be flexible and resourceful. In return, facilities contracting locums providers offer greater earning potential and favorable benefits.

If you’re starting your career with debt, thinking about making a career change, or want to ease into retirement while still earning, let’s have a conversation. Floyd Lee Locums offers no-pressure, concierge support any time.

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