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Curbing the Mental Health Professional Shortage with Locum Tenens Psychiatrists & Advance Practice Providers

by Kelly Starkey in Career Concierge, Job Market, Our Style, Stats & Research 07/06/2018
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As the U.S. faces a shortage of mental health professionals, there is an urgent call for medical professionals to fill in the gaps and support the healthcare delivery system. If this shortage of psychiatrists, as well as psychiatric physician assistants and nurse practitioners, continues to persist, there could be a disparity between the supply and increased need for care—in essence, a mental illness coverage crisis. This shortage suggests not only a national impact but also severely affects other levels of care. This is why it is essential for health organizations and hospitals to overcome this daunting situation proactively.

Locum tenens as a solution to the shortage

When mental healthcare staffing becomes difficult, locum tenens psychiatrists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners can help. Originating from the Latin phrase meaning, “to hold a place or to substitute for,” locum tenens are physicians and advanced practitioners who fill in for permanent staff for a period of time that may range from a few days to years.

For locum tenens professionals, this way of working on a temporary basis offers more flexibility, freedom and career benefits. For facilities who experience medical professional shortages, filling in the critical positions with locum tenens psychiatrists and other medical practice providers offers a proactive solution.

How a locums company can bridge the gap between providers and facilities

For both mental health organizations and locum tenens medical professionals, having a locum tenens company helps. A company that offers world-class concierge solutions to both medical service providers and medical facilities will assist in providing the effective solutions tailored to the needs of both.

For locum tenens psychiatrists looking to work nationwide, an agency will offer benefits that may not be available when partnering directly with facilities. On the other hand, for healthcare organizations facing mental healthcare shortages, an elite concierge company can provide best-in-class medical professionals. These companies create a stronger relationship between providers and healthcare facilities and, thus, help uplift the healthcare sector.

In a nutshell

In recent years, it’s become clear that America is going to face a shortage of mental health professionals in the near future. By collaborating with a renowned locum tenens company now, both providers and facilities can take proactive steps to meet this threat head-on.