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5 Benefits of Becoming a Locum Tenens Doctor

by Kelly Starkey in Career Concierge, Job Market, Our Style, Stats & Research 21/04/2018

Travel and Earn More as a Locum Tenens Physician Assistant

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In a 2017 Medscape article, it was noted that 94% of healthcare facility managers hired locums professionals in the last year, with 47% still actively looking to hire more.1 Are you a medical professional who wants to enjoy more freedom? If yes, then you should learn more about locum tenens companies.

What do locum tenens companies do?

Roughly translated from Latin, the definition of locum tenens means “to hold a place.” Locum tenens doctors fill in for other healthcare employers on a temporary basis for a span of time ranging from a few days to up to six months or more. Whenever a healthcare facility faces staffing shortages due to vacancies, illness or other reasons, they hire locums for doctors to fill those vacancies.

Benefits of locum tenens work

  1. A hassle-free career – When you take a locum tenens job, you have limited administrative or teaching responsibilities, coding/billing tasks or staff management work. You have a more defined work schedule. And you have the flexibility to decide where and when you work.
  2. The freedom to travel – Locum tenens’ best-known benefit is the ability to travel freely – and with purpose – providing healthcare professionals unique opportunities to help communities in diverse places. Nowadays, more doctors are embracing the chance to see different parts of the country.
  3. Broader range of career experience – As a locum tenens doctor, you will be exposed to several new professional environments. By acclimating to new roles, challenges and technologies, you will be presented with more opportunities to expand your career.
  4. The work pays well – The doctors right out of training can have locum tenen engagements lined up and begin practicing immediately. If paying down student loans is a prime concern of yours, locum tenens companies offer you a way to accomplish this goal.
  5. A means to fight physician burnout – In the healthcare industry, burnout is a rising problem, and locum tenens jobs can serve as a useful stress vent. Because you get to select how often you want to work, and most importantly, where you work, you have options to keep burnout at bay.

The list of benefits doesn’t end here. But, one thing is for sure, once you start working in locum tenens, you have a better-balanced personal and professional life.

So, go ahead and explore the opportunities available on the market!


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