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Travel and Earn More as a Locum Tenens Physician Assistant

by Kelly Starkey in Career Concierge, Job Market, Stats & Research 14/04/2018

Travel and Earn More as a Locum Tenens Physician Assistant

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Every individual wants career success. But to get the best possible job, you have to invest in your potential—whether by refining skills or exploring every opportunity that comes your way. And to seize the most appropriate opportunity, you have to recognize it when it appears!

If you can relate to these words, consider putting your best foot forward toward a locums physician assistant job. If your past role as a physician assistant restricted you from enjoying work-life balance, now’s the time to trade that in for career freedom. Plus, a locum tenens physician assistant role can advance your career in multiple ways.

If locum tenens is a new concept for you, it means “to hold a place.” In other words, it refers to temporary clinical assignments. Under locum tenens, healthcare professionals fill in for other healthcare employers on a temporary basis for a period ranging from a few days to up to six months or more. You could be filling in for illness, vacancies or any other reason when a healthcare facility encounters staffing shortages.

Locum tenens is also a rewarding professional choice you can make to take your career to the next level. And if you have always wanted to work in the best facilities in the country, choosing locum tenens won’t disappoint. But how does it work specifically?

Locum physician assistants enjoy flexibility for their schedule and how they practice. Your temporary clinical assignments would last for a particular time and come with the freedom to select the location of your work. Other than learning different technologies, you would get the chance to increase your earning potential. And, as has already been mentioned, you can find a more balanced personal and professional life, while preventing potential burnout.

Finally, there has been a growing demand for physician assistants in various practices, hospitals and organizations. You can gain the much-desired career flexibility with a locum tenens company that offers an elite concierge experience. With the support of skilled Concierge Consultants, you will be able to uncover the best job opportunities, fulfill your objectives and ensure all your needs are met.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started researching locum tenens now!

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