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Why Locums is Perfect for Your Medical Facility

by Elizabeth Bates in Providers and Facilities, Clients 07/04/2018

Why Locums is Perfect for Your Medical Facility?

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Around the country, staffing is a challenge for medical facilities managing planned and unplanned vacancies. With less physicians available, the searching and onboarding process becomes more competitive and arduous. This is where locums can help—and a locums tenens agency can support.

Locum providers can help fill in:

  • Until a permanent doctor is hired
  • For a doctor on vacation
  • To meet rising patient demand
  • During peak times

Whether you are looking for locum tenens physicians or otherwise, a locum tenens agency can offer you access to experienced providers. And unlike permanent staffing, you can customize the pay and billing to your needs. That way, you save your staff from burnout—or feeling like they’re doing a job with no real fulfilment.

Nowadays, more individuals are interested in having a healthy work-life balance. Hence, they are opting to choose locum tenens work. You source these candidates by reaching out to a locum tenens agency to fill the open positions in your facility. You get skilled and talented candidates, it’s cost-effective and time-saving.

Floyd Lee Locums provides an elite concierge experience to Physicians, CRNAs, NPs, PAs and other advanced practice healthcare clinicians searching for new career opportunities. Founded by industry veterans Matt Floyd and Natasha Lee, Floyd Lee Locums is a healthcare staffing organization specializing in locum tenens, with 60 years of combined locums and staffing experience.

Our hands-on approach was created to seamlessly deliver best-in-class service to clinicians and facilities nationwide. We endeavor to be your partner, creating personalized career solutions that are mindful of your goals and positively impact patient outcomes. Learn more today.