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“Every breath, every beat, every second”

by Kelly Starkey in Career Concierge, Locums Lifestyle, Our Story, Stats & Research 26/01/2018

``Every breath, every beat, every second``

How CRNA Week inspires us to be our best selves

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Over 150 years ago, when our nation was in the throes of a Civil War, a medical first was happening in America. Wounded soldiers were finding care and compassion from a new line of defense: nurse anesthetists. From then to now, the discipline has transformed at a staggering pace—which is why, today, we recognize this metamorphosis in medicine by celebrating CRNA Week.

This year’s CRNA Week theme of “Every breath, every beat, every second” resonates with us at Floyd Lee Locums because it speaks to a unique facet of healthcare that doesn’t exist in several other disciplines: that care isn’t just a calling, it’s a privilege. And that privilege is justified in each of this year’s key attributes:


From the very first serviceman treated to those cared for today, CRNAs have been there for every breath. And what started as just a few nurses putting themselves at risk to help others has transformed into a veritable “army” of 52,000 CRNAs watching over patients.


Education is a critical part of transitioning from RN to CRNA, including the long yards of rigorous clinical training. Each and every year, Americans have the confidence of knowing that the CRNAs who care for them have put in thousands of training hours, so they never miss a beat in ensuring their safety.


CRNAs see more than 43-million patients a year. That number might seem colossal—and it is. But CRNAs make the lift. Every second of care, they’re listening to patient concerns, answering questions and leading a crucial part of the treatment process.

In 2018, it’s amazing to see the strides CRNAs have made over the decades. The numbers above speak to the distance traveled—but what’s counted more is how they’ve made patients feel safe and secure. That’s why we say, “Thank You,” today and every day. For every breath, every beat, every second.

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