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The Family Fit: How Locum Tenens Can Benefit Your Household

by Kelly Starkey in How to Find a Job, Locums Lifestyle, Our Style 12/01/2018

The Family Fit: How Locum Tenens Can Benefit Your Household

Your family is your first priority. They’re the reason you do what you do. And they play a big part in where and how you decide to practice. After all, as practitioners everywhere know, the clinician lifestyle is fast-paced and the work is never done.

That’s why locums can be such a good fit for families.

We often hear, “Now’s not a good time for a new role because I have young kids at home,” or, “Locums isn’t the right fit for the work/life balance I require.” But what if you could have more career flexibility and greater earning potential?

Below we break down some of the most common locums myths holding families back. Spoiler alert: locums comes out on top.


Myth: Locums doesn’t provide career flexibility.

Want to visit family for a few months without taking time off? Considering college tours with your teenager or have a desire see more of the country?

Locums lets you to travel to destinations all over the nation, and the choice of where you take your next assignment is in your hands. You can request jobs close to a certain area so you have greater access to family and important events. In addition, you can incorporate vacation time into your work schedule or explore destinations before settling down.

Myth: Locums doesn’t offer work-life balance.

Need more time with a new baby? Want to get unchained from your desk to enjoy things like your kid’s softball games or date nights with your significant other?

Many doctors find they actually have more time for family when they begin working locums. With administrative duties reduced, fewer hours required on call, and the freedom to set your own schedule, locums can help you focus on the ones you love. Cut down on long shifts and piles of paperwork by taking a travel assignment a few days out of the week or month—or simply select hours in a nearby facility that better accommodate your needs.


Myth: Locums separates me from my family.

It’s true that some locums providers spend days or weeks away from “home.” But locums also lets you win back time by ensuring a set schedule you help define. For longer periods away, you can lean into technology like Facebook, Skype or Cozi, which allows you to share family calendars, assign chores, and post journal entries of important events.

Not used to being apart? No problem! Locums lets you bring your spouse and children along. This offers the unique opportunity to use an assignment as a family vacation, with all your travel expenses covered and extra income to help with the cost of attractions.


Myth: Locums income in unreliable.

Working locums, whether you choose to do so only part time or as a complete lifestyle change, often results in additional income. That could mean less stress for you and your family, less debt to worry about paying off, more money available for important expenses like childcare, tuition, or entertainment, and a better outlook for your future.

The options for your family are limitless. Don’t believe the myths until you’ve considered the potential. Discover more today by browsing Floyd Lee Locums’ Top 20 open positions.

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