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How Locums Creates Leaders

by Kelly Starkey in Community Impact, Locums Lifestyle, Our Style 08/01/2018

How Locums Creates Leaders

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Healthcare leaders play a vital role in every facility, and as such, these positions are regularly in high demand at facilities across the country. In a recent panel discussion for the Becker’s Hospital Review 5th Annual CEO+CFO Roundtable, hospital management shared their thoughts on how they search for physician leaders.

THE BOTTOM LINE? Doctors chosen for leadership positions tend to have the highest caseloads—and have proven leadership skills, business savvy, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. Working locums has a variety of benefits, but main among them is the ability to develop the skills above because:

  1. You are armed with increased adaptability. Locums providers learn to jump into new and often challenging situations. This offers exposure to diverse patient populations, working styles and management structures. It also develops one’s dexterity in soft skills like communication and problem solving.
  2. You have skills and knowledge that set you apart. Locums professionals gain clinical experience by being exposed to new medical practices, innovative equipment, strategies for operating with limited resources, and more. They also develop valuable knowledge about other practice areas and specialties, administration duties, different management styles, scheduling strategies, and efficient workplace procedures.
  3. You have increased motivation for what you do. Locums physicians have more flexible schedules, often higher pay, the excitement of new assignments and challenges, and less static work environments. Higher job satisfaction leads to lower levels of burnout. “If the physician is burnt out on medicine, you don’t want them to be a champion of your physicians at the hospital,” said Mr. Airhart at the Roundtable. “You want someone who is willing to be a change agent, respected and a unifier.”
  4. You’ve achieved a healthy work-life balance. Those who work locums learn to maximize and manage their personal and professional lives—something that’s essential for someone in a leadership role. “The MD executives I work with are truly amazing individuals,” said Ms. Ostermeier. “These physicians are holding executive roles, going back to school, conducting research, writing, speaking and coaching their child’s soccer team. They are going from one thing to another.”
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THE BOTTOM, BOTTOM LINE: If you’re considering a leadership role in your future, Floyd Lee Locums can help you build the skills you need and select the assignments most likely to advance your career. Our Concierge Consultants are available 24/7 to discuss open positions, review your curriculum vitae and offer career coaching.