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Locums: Isn’t It Time…?

by Kelly Starkey in How to Find a Job, Locums Lifestyle 04/01/2018

Locums: Isn’t It Time…?

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When we talk to clinicians about their career challenges, we often hear about some of the same pain points. Considerations like pay, work/life balance, and administrative headaches all top the list. Still, several haven’t had much success in solving for these.

“Locums is a solution,” says Floyd Lee Locums CEO Natasha Lee. “It’s a work style that’s evolved.” Take less than 45 seconds to learn more in the video below.

Isn’t it time… you take home the pay you deserve? A large hospital or healthcare facility can have strict bureaucracy around pay and advancement. A private practice can come with high overhead, expensive leases, and a series of additional costs. Locums typically offers greater earning potential, with the opportunity to supplement your existing income.


Isn’t it time… you enjoy a bit of work/life balance? From physician shortages to endless on-calls, hiring and managing others to perpetual paperwork, it’s difficult to find time to take a breather. Locums frees you up by letting you “write your role,” allowing you to only be placed in positions that are comfortable with the terms of your contract.


Isn’t it time… you passed off a little of the heavy lifting? You entered your profession to help people—not to get bogged down in all the additional obstacles that come with it. Locums allows others to take some tasks over for you. For example, Floyd Lee Locums can pay your malpractice, process your licensure or certifications, and even cover relocation and living expenses.


Isn’t it time… someone took care of you? Locums isn’t just for new grads with a mountain of debt or semi-retirees scaling back. And you don’t have to quit your job or close your practice to try it. “Give us two weekends a month or six weeks a year,” says CEO Natasha Lee. “And we’ll give you the opportunity to dip your toe in what could be a career- and life-defining move.”


Ready to learn more? We have Concierge Consultants available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. And we partner with a panel of experts who can help you better understand locums and any associated benefits (healthcare coverage, legal support, financial implications).

Contact Floyd Lee Locums at www.floydleelocums.com to find out more about working as a locums physician.