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Burnout & You: Solutions for Daily Living

by Kelly Starkey in Locums Lifestyle, Stats & Research 10/11/2017

Burnout & You: Solutions for Daily Living

Part 2 of our series: Identifying the Problem

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When it comes to the healthcare profession, burnout is almost a given at one point or another. From
ever-increasing patient loads to short-staffed facilities, physicians can experience stress from all sides at
work. And these pressures don’t even take into account any additional factors at home or expectations
that we set for ourselves.

That’s why it’s critical to understand how to manage burnout symptoms—so you can provide the best
care while also caring for your own emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are 10 tips for combatting burnout:

1. Ready, set, relax. Designate some “me” time for yourself every day and stick to it! Our
recommendation: the Headspace phone app that offers short meditations you can do between

2. Unplug. Digital distractions slowly add up—take time to turn off or silence your devices each
day. Our recommendation: No phones/tablets in the bedroom. Leave your charger elsewhere in
your home.

3. Be thankful. Acknowledging what makes you happy and brings you joy manifests more positive
emotions. Our recommendation: In a journal, write one good experience from each day, even if
it’s just a quick one liner.

4. Find a hobby. Things we’re passionate about—especially those not work-related—can greatly
improve our overall health. Our recommendation: Try MeetUp and find others interested in
similar things.

5. Catch some zzzz’s. Ensure that you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Our recommendation:
Even if you’re not tired yet, go to bed at the same time each night. Trouble dozing off? Try a
white noise machine.

6. Work out. Whether it’s a short walk, yoga or an intense weightlifting session, exercise makes
the body happy. Our recommendation: When you get to work, pick the parking space the
furthest from the building and walk.

7. Talk to a superior. Reach out for advice from an immediate supervisor of department head. Our
recommendation: Schedule time with them at the start of their day before distractions pile up.

8. Visit your doctor. Health is holistic—and when you are feeling burnt out, it’s only a matter of
time before it manifests in other negative ways. Our recommendation: Keep current on your
annual check-ups.

9. Take control of your to-do list. Your time is precious and a lack of prioritization can mean too
many people taking too much of you each day. Our recommendation: Separate tasks and
requests into high and low priority, and feel comfortable not completing the latter or saying
“No” occasionally.

10. Consider a new job. Plain and simple. Our recommendation: See below.

If you’re feeling burnt out, unable to shake the stress or simply ready for a change, locum tenens can be
a great solution. It offers greater earning potential, flexibility in scheduling, lighter responsibilities, the
ability to travel if desired and more freedom without long-term commitments.

All around, it can provide a healthier lifestyle with more work-life balance. Want to learn more? Talk to
one of our Concierge Consultants about your personal and professional goals. We’ll listen to your
concerns and help you find the best fit for your future.