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You Are the Solution to the Physician Shortage

by Kelly Starkey in Community Impact, Job Market, Locums Lifestyle 15/08/2017

You Are the Solution to the Physician Shortage

The physician shortage in our country is no secret, but the opportunities for physicians like you to alleviate the shortage and provide much needed medical care is not discussed often enough. With an aging and steadily growing population and broader access to care with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there is an increasing patient need across the country.

The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) estimates  that by 2030, the potential shortage could be more than 100,000 physicians. The AAMC expects that physician retirement will have the largest impact, with one third of practicing physicians reaching the age of 65 and older in the next decade. It takes 5-10 years to train a new doctor, and roadblocks in the current system leave supply consistently falling short of demand.

So how does locum tenens play a role in relieving this shortage?

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Understaffed facilities often result in more physician burnout, doctors making the decision to pursue early retirement, and current staff working less gratifying overtime hours. A locums physician taking on a shift can dramatically improve morale, provide much needed support for existing staff, and decrease the rate of employee turnover in a struggling facility.


The role of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists is all the more vital for facilities seeking locums providers. They expand access of care to a broader range of patients in their communities, meaning fewer people waiting to be seen and often a more efficient clinical rotation.


In every facility you where you practice, you bring unique, and often specialized, clinical knowledge. Imagine the benefits of passing on this knowledge for a facility and its present and future patients: a new surgical technique, more efficient means of clinic rotation, knowledge of a rare condition. The possibilities are endless. Traveling to other facilities also means expanding your own clinical knowledge, especially useful for those just completing residency, but an invaluable resource for any physician. Whether it’s access to innovative equipment, a technique used by rural doctors without the resources of a more modern facility, or simply reinvigorating of your own passion for medicine, working locums is an experience that benefits everyone involved.


Doctors who are less stressed, less exhausted, less burnt out provide better care, so not only will you be directly enhancing patients’ lives, but you’ll be helping others in the facility provide better care to their patients as well. You’ll ensure more patients are seen and minimize the feeling of being rushed by doctors with too heavy a load. You’ll help to reduce medical errors that can be significantly negative, and improve patients’ perceptions of a facility, making them more apt to seek care in the future.

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Working locums not only allows you to meet your own needs, whatever they may be – generating more income to pay off debt, expanding clinical experience, working fewer hours with less paperwork, continuing practice after retirement, traveling to new locations – but also helps to serve communities across the country. The physician shortage will continue to increase over time, but in many communities and facilities is it a reality today; one you can help solve.

Let us help you become part of the solution. We’ll work to find jobs that are right for you, serving your individual goals, and make sure that your needs are well taken care of while you care for those most in need. We take pride in helping deliver care where it is needed most – and even more in making sure you have a superior experience. Our concierge team is here to help you every step of the way. So what’s stopping you? Let us create a customized career solution for you today.