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Checklist: Leaving Home for Locums

by Kelly Starkey in Locums Lifestyle 15/08/2017

Checklist: Leaving Home for Locums

Locum tenens offers amazing opportunities to travel and see new places while maintaining your home base to keep you grounded.  Getting your house buttoned up to leave on a longer assignment requires a few key steps to ensure you come home to a clean and safe place, and Floyd Lee Locums concierge team is always here to help with the logistics.

Use our handy checklist to get organized before your next assignment.

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Simplify Your Finances

Sign up for paperless billing and set up automatic payments to limit forwarded mail and handle expenses at home. For just $1 you can easily set up temporary mail forwarding through the post office website.

Ask a Friend to Keep an Eye Out

Let friends and close neighbors know you will be gone and ask them to check in on your place occasionally and look out for packages or deliveries. Leave emergency contact information with them and stop delivery on newspapers so it’s not so obvious that no one’s home.

Create a Home Reference Guide 

Organize links and phone numbers for utilities, repair companies, and anyone taking care of your pets or plants so you can easily find their info in case of an issue or concern.

Clean Out the Fridge

Avoid coming home to bad smells by disposing of perishable food and taking out the trash before you go. Don’t forget to run the dishwasher!

Take Precautions

Alert your alarm company and credit card companies that you’ll be away so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Double Check for Safety

Secure valuables and double check the locks on all doors and windows. Replace smoke detector batteries and unplug small appliances and electronics to save energy and reduce risk of an electrical issue.

Keep the Lights On

Installing timer plugs for indoor lamps and motion sensors outdoors can help make it appear as though someone’s home. Drawn curtains or blinds so it is harder for someone to peak in your windows.

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Most importantly, remember that Floyd Lee Locums concierge service can help with all aspects of your locums journey. Need some advice from a seasoned professional on how to get things in order? Too busy to attend to some of those minor details? Don’t be afraid to ask us for help! Leaving home can be an overwhelming task. Let us make life easier for you!

If you’d like to see more information on any of these topics in the future, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you want to hear more about!