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Woman using tablet in restaurant to find information on locums assignment

App Spotlight: Apps to guide you on your next locums assignment

by Kelly Starkey in Career Concierge, Locums Lifestyle 28/06/2017

App Spotlight: Apps to guide you on your next locums assignment

Couple in car using smartphone app for directions on locums assignment

Technology can be an invaluable resource for exploring a new city, even when you’re not far from home, and it can be your best friend when working locums. Many people aren’t aware of just how many useful apps exist in the marketplace for nearly every function, most of them free. Maximize the potential of your smartphone – and your time – by taking a trip through your app store.

Here are some of our concierge team’s favorite apps for simplifying travel, exploring new places, and saving money on your next locums assignment.

Find everything you need.

Usually preloaded on your smartphone, Google Maps and Apple Maps (Navigation) are the ultimate traveling companions. Get turn-by-turn spoken directions for walking, driving, or nearby public transit and information on traffic delays along your route. Find banks or ATMs, gas stations, grocery stores, shopping, and other conveniences. Access reviews, menus, and hours of local restaurants and bars, even make reservations.

For even more accurate traffic information on your commute, try Waze, which will not only warn you of slowdowns or accidents along the way but also direct you to alternate routes when the roads are too congested. Which is best? Here’s an in-depth analysis.

Google Maps: iOS/Android  ▪  Apple Maps: iOS  ▪  Waze: iOS/Android

Eat and drink like a local.

For more specialized recommendations from locals on where to find the best coffee, quick takeout, beer or wine bars, and restaurants of any cuisine close to you, try Yelp! or Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon). Get business information, make reservations, view menus, or even place an order within the app for easy pickup or delivery.

Yelp!: iOS/Android  ▪  Zomato: iOS/Android

Get deals on local events and services.

GroupOn offers a perfect solution for finding things to do and getting discounts on local services on a locums assignment. Deals for dining, salon services, massages and facials, trial fitness memberships (which are perfect for those often short stays in locums), concert tickets, and nearby attractions are often available in cities and towns coast to coast. Not only will you get discounted dining, entertainment, and other services, but it’s a great way to see what’s out there and find interesting new places to try.

GroupOn: iOS/Android

Smiling woman on phone with career consultant on locums assignment

But if you need a real assistant, trust in us.

An app can do it for you, but so can we. Reservations? Directions? Recommendations on where to go in your new city? Our concierge team and their commitment to making your life easier is what sets Floyd Lee Locums apart. We’re always available to help you get settled into a new city or understand what a new assignment location can offer. We go beyond just housing and travel arrangements to be a true concierge for all of your needs.

We have helped providers with pet care and barber shops, dinner reservations and concert tickets, spa appointments, and finding their own health and dental providers. No ask is too small, or too outrageous, and we will do everything in our power to make your life more convenient and more enjoyable. We communicate with the team within each facility and with other locums travelers in the area to ensure you have a positive experience.

What’s your go-to app? Share your suggestions with your fellow locums travelers in the comments below or let us know what you’d like to see more of in the future.