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Healthy woman running at sunset to stay fit during locums assignment

Don’t Let Locums Break Your Commitment to Health

by Kelly Starkey in Locums Lifestyle 21/06/2017

Don’t Let Locums Break Your Commitment to Health

Healthy woman running outdoors at sunset

Do you have a regular exercise routine at home or are you looking to kick start a new fitness habit this summer? We all know lifestyle changes can pose a challenge to maintaining a routine, and health may be the trickiest of all when traveling or moving to a new place. As a healthcare provider, you know the benefits that come from staying active and getting your blood pumping. At Floyd Lee Locums, we love hearing how providers maintain their healthy habits while enjoying the locums lifestyle.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for staying on track towards your fitness goals while living the locums lifestyle!

Get out into the sunshine 

Enjoy the outdoors. Check out apps like AllTrails or TrailLink to find local trails to explore. From local parks and walking or biking trails to more advanced hiking, there is something for everyone. Getting outside can also help you discover hidden gems in your new town, so be sure to find the local tourism bureau or look online for fun places to explore. Runner’s World offers some great advice for running while traveling.

Find a gym family with lots of locations

There are a number of large chains and networks of gyms regionally and nationwide that make it easier to keep up the routine. Plus, the gym is a great place to meet new friends as you settle into your locums assignment. Check out this article on some of the biggest ones from an RVing expert who travels extensively.

Embrace technology

There are a variety of programs involving bodyweight exercises or simple equipment that are specially crafted for those who prefer to work out at home or in a hotel: YAYOG, Sworkit, FitnessBlender… Just take a look around the app store or search YouTube for fitness videos of your preferred exercise style.

Break out the yoga mat

Yoga and meditation can be done virtually anywhere at every level of expertise, and it’s easy to find guided classes no matter where you are. Plus, you can’t knock the health benefits. Here’s a helpful blog that provides a comprehensive guide.

Woman participating in a yoga class on locums assignment

Change up your commute

If you don’t have far to travel for your assignment, consider walking or biking to work each day. Good for the environment, and for your health. Read more in this article from TIME on a study examining the effects of an active commute.

Hit the waves 

Imagine taking off for your daily swim from the sandy shores of a quiet beach on the Atlantic. A community or hotel pool is also a great option if you prefer your workouts wet.

Have a partner in meeting your goals, both personal and professional.

Let the Floyd Lee Locums concierge team help you find the best healthy habits on your next assignment. Want to make sure your housing has a gym nearby offering your favorite workout and equipment? Need help finding a yoga class or Crossfit studio? Want to be able to go hiking on your off days? Let us help! We’ll get you the answers you need and keep your preferences in mind to find you the right fit. We’ll always go the extra mile for you! Add us to your routine.

What are your favorite ways to stay active when you work locums? We’d love to hear what recommendations you might have for others in the comments below.