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Join us for World Blood Donor Day!

by Kelly Starkey in Community Impact 14/06/2017

Join us for World Blood Donor Day!

Surgeons performing critical operation

“Give blood. Give now. Give often.”

On June 14, the World Health Organization gives its annual call to arms – with viable blood vessels – for World Blood Donor Day, to “raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.”

As a doctor or advanced practice provider, you know better than anyone the importance of giving blood. Blood saves lives, whether for planned treatments, urgent surgical interventions, wound treatment, support for life-threatening conditions like cancer, or maternal and prenatal care. Blood donors make all of this possible.

“Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.” — American Red Cross

While about 38% of the population is eligible to give blood, less than 10% of those eligible actually do, a slim 3.8% of the population. With hurricane season approaching, more people traveling and engaging in dangerous activities during the summer months, and new tragedies appearing in the news every day, the constant need for blood donation is all the more vital.

Are you a blood donor? Do you have as little as 15 minutes to save a life by giving blood in your community? Help us celebrate World Blood Donor Day by giving blood at a local blood drive or center and encourage friends, family, and coworkers to do the same. Our team at Floyd Lee Locums will be donating and would love to hear from you about your experiences.

Remember, when you donate:

  • properly hydrate with an extra 16 oz. of water before and after your donation
  • maintain an iron-rich diet
  • eat a healthy meal, avoiding fatty foods, before you give blood
  • get a good night’s sleep
  • wear something comfortable with sleeves that can easily be rolled up above the elbow
  • bring a list of any medications you’re on
  • avoid over the counter pain meds for at least 72 hours, including aspirin, ibuprofen or anti-inflammatories like Aleve
  • bring your photo ID and blood donor card, or two forms of identification
  • bring along a friend to make even more of an impact.
Nurse with blood donor giving blood.

Be a blood donor today.

For more information on what to expect before and after your donation, check out these important tips from the American Red Cross. Every day the physicians and providers at Floyd Lee Locums provide patient care where it is most needed, in communities nationwide. Giving blood is just another way that you can help patients all over the country get the treatment they need. Join us in donating to the American Red Cross or your local blood donation center today and help us spread the word.

Call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit for more information.